Let’s get this going again!

I have not posted anything in a long time and it is for good reason. I am very technically challenged and as I go along I have struggled to learn as I go with this website and blog. My biggest challenge has always been loading pictures. I thought it was challenging because my Mac was getting old so I traded it in for a new model a few months ago. I still was having issues.

So I kept busy with other things like my crafts,


and eyeglass shopping (no, I didn’t pick these!)


I took pictures of pretty sunsets,

Catherine’s Landing

and I finally traded in my old Nissan which had over 218000 miles on it


for a cute red Jeep Renegade Trailhawk!


So this is a practice run adding pictures to my blog. I think I have figured a few things out (thankfully) and now I should be catching you up on everything I’ve been doing since I landed in Hot Springs. Keep tuned!

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