Life is Good

Forgive me, for I have sinned. I set out to write a steady blog and have not been too steady. New Year’s goal? Of course to be more consistent and write blogs more often than once every 5 or 6 months.
My biggest news from 2019 was trading in my old vintage 1994 Winnebago Vectra class A motorhome. It was hard to drive since it was old and had suspension problems. The engine would run hot, and it had several other problems. I kept thinking it would fall apart around me as I drove it down the road. It was 36 feet long and I was pretty sure I wanted something a bit shorter too. I had been perusing online for something a little newer for quite some time. In September I spotted a 2015 31 foot Class A Itasca (also Winnebago) that had a floor plan that I really liked. When you live full time in an RV liking the floor plan is important. I drove from Hot Springs Arkansas up to Conway, which is about a one and a half hour drive to see the RV. The Moix RV folks were super nice. I had checked them out because they had held a couple of rallies at Catherine’s Landing, the RV resort where I had been working since March. They would take in my old RV as a trade in, which made me happy. Some RV dealerships won’t take in anything more than 10 years old. I really liked the RV and we made a deal. I was to return a week later to pick up my new home. You would be surprised how much stuff you can stash away in an RV. I started packing things, but really had no where to put them except outside on my site. It hadn’t rained in a few weeks, but you never know. I waited until the day before to put most of it out. Thankfully, a good friend Jane Snyder, whom I had worked with years earlier was going to be in Little Rock over the weekend. She was driving from Pennsylvania for a travel writing seminar. My move day was the next Wednesday, the 18th, and she said she could come down on Monday after the seminar and hang out and help with the move. By Wednesday morning I was so frazzled. I had started Hugo’s engine the night before to make sure he would be good to go the next morning. When I cranked the engine in the morning, nothing! I flagged down one of my coworkers that I knew to be a bit mechanical. He checked the batteries, and they were loose. Some tightening and a jump start and Hugo finally started. Of course it was 95 degrees and 95% humidity. I was sweating. I left Amos and Andy in a cabin in some animal crates, and set off for the day with Jane in the passenger seat. We made it safe, and in time for our appointment at 1 pm. The guy in finance kept me in the office going over stuff for what seemed like forever, and then there was the walk through. It was getting late in the day. I asked someone there if they thought the RV would be able to maneuver the parking lot of a burger joint down the street. He said no, but they lent us the company Jeep to go down there because we hadn’t eaten all day. Pretty nice!
By the time we returned to Hot Springs it was almost dark, and rain was threatening. I was throwing anything outside that might get damaged from the rain into the new RV. A very long and tiring day, but well worth it. It’s a good thing I don’t plan on moving for a long time.

Hugo with a lot of my stuff just piled on my site. My electronics and valuables were locked in my car
It was a really hot day
Goodbye Hugo!
Amos approves of the view
The table comes out farther with an added leaf and the tv goes down into the cabinet which gives me lots of crafting room. I can fit a lot of my craft supplies in the cabinets below.
My kitchen has an oven and a microwave/convection oven combo. And a great shelf above the sink area.
My bedroom has lots of storage too!
Even though my new home (still unnamed) is 6 feet shorter, it has 3 slide outs which make it seem so much roomier.

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